Application Development Services


Part of the past success of Position Integrity is rooted in our willingness to work closely with clients (and potential clients) to craft customized software solutions that exactly meet a particular need. We embrace the Rapid Application Development (RAD) paradigm, but do not sacrafice quality. Our ability to succeed at this approach is based entirely on our commitment to industry standards, proven and tested technology, and recognized methodologies. All of our engineers are highly skilled and certified professionals.

Our diverse technical skill set allows us to rapidly assemble and deploy on virtually any platform, including Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux, and others. Whether you require complete application design and implementation, or just small modifications to one of our existing products like Universal Navigator, Digital Aviator or Digital Mariner, Position Integrity can handle all of your geographic software development and Internet application needs.

For more information on our application development services, including core skills, hourly rates, and project availability, please contact us by telephone or email.